About Ted


I live in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam, with a proven track record in the corporate world working for IBM, Siemens, DELL, and Verizon as in Direct Selling and Internet Marketing.

I am the founder of the Business For Home website, which is ranking 10,000+ Top Earners in the Direct Selling, MLM and Network Marketing industry.

I am not a "Tech Guy" I am much more interested what software can do for an Internet and Direct Selling Professional, I test "new technologies" and I share my tips and tricks in a generic way with my 10,000+ followers and 5,000 Facebook friends :)

My website Business For Home.org has

5+ Million Visitors per year

95,000+ worldwide double opt-in email subscribers

Almost every Top Earner is connected.

Recommendations Ted Nuyten

Catharina SmedingEntrepreneur

"Ted Nuyten is a positive and energetic professional with strong relationship building qualities. Understands multi-cultural differences. Able to identify new business opportunities and markets. Pragmatic and pro-active into making it happen.

His drive and enthusiasm has a stimulating effect on the people around him. Great guy to work with"

Adele Schmidt – Business Owner

“Ted Nuyten is an outperformer in all categories. He has the ability to understand customer needs and complex business deals at all levels and leverage those into successful new deals.

Next to that Ted is a great person to work with because he understands that succes in business, can go hand in hand with a good dosis of humor and also being able to enjoy the process”

Yvonne Leenders – HR Professional

"I know Ted Nuyten professionally since early 2005 and his determination to reach goals has stiken me ever since.

He is a true networking professional and we have worked together in a number of capacities."

He is very result driven and uses his excellent sales & business development skills and strategic insight to get there"

 Evan KlassenEvan Klassen – CEO iMarketingXpert

"Ted is an amazing leader and we are blessed to have him make a big impact on the Network Marketing Profession Worldwide.

His passion, skill, energy and  vision brings inspiration to so many. He has a genuine desire to help others to reach their maximum potential!"

 Daniela SzaszDaniela Claudia Szasz – Top Earner

"I got in contact with Ted about 2 years ago. From the very first conversation we had till now, it allways has been a great pleasure to talk and work out things with him.

I like what he is doing and the way he does it. He follows the unspoken ethical codes of MLM and i believe this is the reason for his success. Thanks Ted"

 Philippe HulinJean-Philippe Hulin – Top Earner

"Ted Nuyten launched the European Direct Selling Congress and is founder of the businessforhome.org website.

This means that Ted is totally dedicated to support the entire direct selling and multi-level marketing professions the way it deserves.

No matter which company you’re working with, if you need ‘insiders’ clues, Ted is your man!"

 Tammy Turgeon Global Wealth TradeTammy Turgeon – Direct Selling Professional

"I experienced Ted Nuyten as a very passionate, energetic and intelligent professional who is constantly looking for new ways to create new relations.

I enjoyed working together with Ted since he is able to combine doing business and getting results, with having fun"

 Ken Porter Monavie Top EarnerKen Porter – Top Earner

"Ted Nuyten’s Business for Home ranking can become the, ‘buck stops here’ goto reference piece for truth.

This information can finally force mlm companies to be accountable to the world for the truth about distributor compensation"

Tom ChenaultTom Chenault – Top Earner

"No one before you has been able to accomplish what you have done in such a short amount of time. Not only is your information timely, it is always right on the money.

We have needed a high caliber newsletter such as yours for a very long time. Thank you for keeping it above board, relevant and fun. Keep up the great work Ted!  We LOVE you!

 Karl Malstrom CEOKarl Malmström, CEO, Natures of Scandinavia

“Ted has done a great job for the Direct Sales business’s in europe with his homepage businessforhome.org.

I used it constantly to keep updated with what’s happening within our line of business. I found all information accurate and easy to access"

 Maria Ghaderi Global Wealth TradeMaria Ghaderi – Top Earner

“Ted Nuyten is an amazing direct Sales Expert  in our profession. I had the pleasure to meet him in Toronto.

He has passion and a genuine desire to help others better understand what he has already mastered"

 Onyx Coale MonavieOnyx Coale – Top Earner

"I met Ted about a year ago for the first time when he asked if I would come and speak at his event in Amsterdam.

What a class act he is. He was spot on with his knowledge and his insights. Thanks for lifting up the industry"

 Marion Meher The Network Marketing DivaMarion Mehrer – Network Marketing Diva

"Ted always has his finger on the pulse of the professionl.

Through his Business for Home website, he provides all of us with up to date, accurate and important information that we need to build our business"

 Lindsay PronkLindsay Pronk – Miss Universe

“Ted was fantastic to work with. Working with Ted I found him as a person with great experience and  knowledge of  the industry.

Ted is intelligent, responsible and professional person, a person you can trust"

 Robert Hollis Gano ExcelRobert Hollis – Top Earner

"Ted Nuyten is a blessing!  A person that gives 110%! He is very professional and a great networker!

Very few people give first believing it will come back always going the extra mile"

Matt Morris WorldventuresMatt Morris – Top Earner

“Great website! Very useful information, credible facts & figures.

The Business For Home website Ted Nuyten has founded is an excellent source of information”

 Tara Wilson Visalus Top EarnerTara Wilson – Top Mentor

"Ted is an incredible leader and a blessing to the industry of Network Marketing.

He took the liberty and time to research and recognize the leaders around the world, provide incredible training and he always keeps us posted on the ever-changing industry news.

Ted is a true professional that will leave his footprint in the world of Direct Sales forever. Thank you Ted for all that you do."

 Steve and Melyn CampbellSteve & Melyn Campbell – Direct Selling Professionals

"We have know Ted Nuyten for a number of years now.  We can truly say how much we appreciate what Ted brings to the MLM industry as a whole in the way of credibility.

We always look to Ted as a resource, when we need to know what is factually happening in our industry at any given  moment in time.

 Rick HagarRick Hagar – Master Distributor

“Ted Nuyten is a great guy with a passion for Network Marketing and sharing with others pertinent details about our industry.

I review his site quite often, and as a near 20 years veteran of this industry, I appreciate Ted and what he does”

 Sean HaynesSean Haynes – Top Mentor

"Ted Nuyten is a dynamic force in the direct sales industry. Ted is very knowledgeable and insightful and has his finger on the pulse of what is happening in the industry.

A natural connector and networker Ted is admired by many throughout the industry including myself.

Ted’s knowledge of building organizations and his skills and training on prospecting and buildling techniques will be of great benefit to anyone who applies them."

 Jonathan GilliamJonathan Gilliam – CEO Momentum Factor

“Ted Nuyten has quickly become a leading source of information in a data-starved industry.

I view him as a partner helping to bring the industry to a new level. He is also a great guy”

Alexander PlathAlexander Plath – Top Trainer

"Knowledge put into action is pure power.

So use the facts and figures on the Business For Home website Ted Nuyten founded.

It will make your Direct Selling life much easier"

David HulsenboomDavid Hulsenboom – Top Trainer

“It’s an honour to endorse Ted Nuyten.

I have interacted with him on network/training.

He is a visionary consultant, trainer, coach and concept developer specializing in marketing, brand strategy and organizational growth"

 Pieter MonsmaPieter Monsma – Top Trainer

"I work closely with Ted Nuyten, because he is a true Business Developer with great initiatives.

Ted has an unbelievable drive, he is positive and results driven. I can highly recommend working with him"

Joke Broeren – MLM Professional

"Ted Nuyten is a combination of visionary and leader who drives forward and overcomes any obstacle in his way.

I would recommend Ted to any person with a need to be mentored or to build a Internet business”